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About Huakang
To become a Global Leader in Polyols
Our Company
Huakang is a leading expert of functional polyol and starch sugar, as well as a pioneer of research, production and sales.

Huakang has been honored among the top 10 enterprises in the food ingredient industry in China. Being a leading enterprise in the China’s food Industry, we participated in forming the national standard and have taken part in drafting the industry standard of xylitol, maltitol, sorbitol, somaltolitol. We have passed ISO9001、ISO14001、GMP、FSSC22000 and many other QMS and our marketing networks are spread throughout the world.?

Huakang’s subsidiaries include Jiaozuo Hua Kang Polyol Technology Co., Ltd. , Zhejiang Hua Kang Trading Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Huakang Pharma B.V., etc, forming a management system from raw material to final sales.

After many years dedication, Huakang’s products now include xylose, xylitol with corncob, hemicellulose being the raw material; maltitol, sorbitol, malt syrup, high fructose syrup derived from corn starch; isomaltolitol, L-Arabinose, Crystalline fructose, crystalline mannitol, which have also been developed and put into production.

‘To become a Global Leader in Polyols’ is our mission. With a permanently forward-looking approach, we have “together we bring a brighter and sweeter tomorrow” as our vision and dedicate ourselves to research, development, innovation, ceaselessly pushing the polyol industry to a higher level.

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成立于 1962
China key high-tech enterprises
Top 20 companies in starch sugar industry of China
Top 10 companies in China food additive and food ingredient industry
China Patent Excellence Award
To become a Global Leader in Polyols
Together we bring a brighter and sweeter tomorrow